Capture The Moment: A Glimpse into Everyday Life Now

Asked to offer a glimpse into their world, our family of designers kindly captured their moment in pictures, sounds and videos to build a collective project on Instagram over the past month.

The lockdown implemented across the world in order to contain Covid19 has upended our daily lives. We felt it was important to capture this unprecedented moment of collective and shared experience.

Asked to offer a glimpse into their world, our family of designers kindly captured their moment in pictures, sounds and videos to build a collective project on over the past month.

As this unique collaboration draws to a close, we asked the Design Director of Established & Sons, Sebastian Wrong, what inspired him to put ordinary daily lockdown lives centre stage in this creative commission.

01 Capture The Moment Liselotte Watkins Albert Tercero c2020 Established Sons ©2020 Liselotte Watkins, artist - Albert Tercero, illustrator

EST: Do you find everyday life in some ways more interesting at the moment?
I am not quite sure but in these strange times, I felt we all wanted to pause and reflect and maybe question the chaos of normality by Capturing the Moment.

EST: What prompted your commission, was it an instinct in confinement to reach out and find common connections?
kok体育能玩吗 At Established & Sons, we have always co-existed with our designers, the relationship between us and them is of the utmost importance and our communications are a shared experience. When the pandemic started back in March, we found ourselves contained inside our homes for weeks. The city lights were off but inside our homes, they were on. We asked our designers to share some of their light, to capture a moment connected to their new reality.

02 Capture The Moment Erwan Bouroullec Sylvain Willenz c2020 Established Sons ©2020 Sylvain Willienz, designer - Erwan Bouroullec, designer

EST: What brief did you give the designers and what objectives did you have in mind?
kok体育能玩吗 We left the brief entirely open. We didn’t know what the outcome would be; under ‘normal’ circumstances the opportunity to do such a project would have never existed. We received sounds, pictures, videos that recorded the spirit of a moment here and now during these surreal times when the world outside was on pause.

EST: What was the most rewarding aspect of the collaboration?
Definitely the sense of community of our designers coming together in this way – and of course the insights into their daily lives it provided. I've enjoyed following this unconventional diary. If it's piqued people’s interest, provided a diversion and uplifted our days then I think it's been a worthwhile exercise which now will remain an authentic commentary documenting these unusual times.

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03 Capture The Moment Sabine Marcelis Richard Woods c2020 Established Sons ©2020 Sabine Marcelis, designer - Richard Woods artist 04 Capture The Moment Committee Dimitri Bahler c2020 Established Sons ©2020 Dimitri Bähler, designer - Committee, artists

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